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Facts about the world that will blow your mind

In our Every day lives, Their are certain things that we are constant with, while we are yet to come in contact with certain things and Fact's in this Article,we will take a look at some Fact's that are not relevant in our Every day life

Below are amazing facts that you've never heard of

1. Queen Elizabeth was a Mechanic and truck driver who served in WWII ,she is the only living Royal member to have served in WWII and the only living Female to have served in the armed Forces.

2. Aluminum is the Most recycled material.

3. Devils advocate was a real Job Until 1983.

 4. A scorpion can hold it's breath for 6 days,can survive a whole year without food and can climb on any surface and glows under ultraviolet Ray.

5. There is a Town in Nigeria called the land of Twins.

6. Hair strands are effective cleaning tools and can be used to clean Oil.

7. In ancient Greek and Roman dogs were buried with Grave stones above their heads.

8. You could travel to the UK without Visa as Visa's were not required until the year 1984.

9. In Israel their is a home made for Blind and Deaf movie stars

10. Research have proven that It is Good to love,it is better to be treated with love and it is best if the person you love treats you with care, that is why dogs remain loyal to Those that raised them.

Which of these facts blew your mind

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