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These amazing pictures were submitted for the Aerial 2020 Contest

These pictures are breathtaking and looks like something out of dramatic movie scenes. 

Here are some of the pictures.

1. Zaanstad, Netherlands: this is straight of a movie scene. It is also the winning photographs after garnering more votes than other photographs.

2. Zhangjiajie National Park in China is breathtaking.

3. Dameisha beach in China is so colourful to the point of unbelievable.

4. Terrace farm in Bali Indonesia is so lush green.

5. Capitol Reef National Park in Utah, USA looks like the surface of Mara captured by Mars Rover.

6. Tianmen Mountain in China: the unending road. China sure have beautiful places.

7. The Mont Saint Michel in France looks like a fort from a swordfight movie.

8. Tatacoa desert in Colombia: you might mistake this for a microscopic picture of a network of neurones.

9. New Mexico in USA: this rock formation I the middle of nowhere is looks like the setting of Mad Max: Fury Road.

10. Vladivostok in Russia: the aerial view of this suspension bridge in Russia.

11. Sandy Cape Light in Australia: Australia is the ultimate superpower when it comes to nature.

12. This over the sea windfarm in Denmark is just mwuah!

13. The aerial view of Bangkok, Thailand: in the city lights.

14. The winter in Allgäu, Germanyvis so perfect it looked like it was taken with an electron microscope.

15. The best airport in the world is in Singapore. Argue with your keypads.🤪

16. Salt minning in the Great Salt Lake in Utah, USA looks like it was from a 3D animation movie: Utah is blessed with incredible land formations.

17. If ever get lost in this area in Barcelona in Spain, just go report yourself to the police.


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China Colombia Netherlands Utah Zhangjiajie National Park


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