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If you are a Jobless youth, start doing any of these nine (9) works to get money.

Everyone needs to work before earning and any Jobless person especially youth can figure out one work or the other in the society which can earn them money; some of these works can be seen from the list below:

1. Metals parking (Baban Bola).

As the name implies "baban Bola", is a work mostly done by lower class northerners predominantly Hausas. This work has to do with gathering old and discarded metals together which can only be profitable after being gathered in large quantity. Most Nigerian youths don't engage in this work because it involves working under the sun, one cannot be clean when working and it's not socially admired. But if the disadvantages are ignored then one can earn from it.

2. Yam loading & offloading.

This work has a good pay as each yam can cost 4 to 5 naira after loading and offloading. So imagine if 5 people can offload 2000 tubers of yam in 1 hour; they can share 2000naira each and as work continues they earn and earn. But most Nigerian youths hates this work with passion that they see it as a local or minor work.

3. Water pushers (Mai ruwa).

Sorry for always involving the Hausa names for these works. Water pushers are mostly northerners who because of competitive living in their communities, move from state to state finding places where water is needed and they push water using truck, or they cross stick across their shoulders and hawk water from house to house looking for buyers. Most Nigerian youths don't like engaging in this work because it requires patience and hard labour.

3. Blacksmith.

The blacksmith work is actually lucrative if buyers are available but it's difficult to see Nigerian youths involving in blacksmith work no matter how jobless they might be. This has resulted to underrating of Nigerian blacksmith products compared to those from foreign countries. Therefore, engaging in blacksmith work can earn you money.

4. Traditional Medication.

Most Nigerian communities are filled with diverse kinds of herbalist and local doctors who cured different diseases using herbs and other minor grasses. Most Nigerian youths are not engaging in this work at all as they term it unholy and unclean.

5. Fishing.

Fishing is a kind of work which require little knowledge and patience to actually gather money but most Nigerian youths play with this opportunity regardless of how lucrative it can be. Local fishing require less capital where only a net and groundnut cake can do it. Advanced or commercial fishing require more capital and labour where a pond is required.

6. Nail cutting.

In Nigeria, this particular work is infact forbidden in the eyes of many youths as they term it petty and unproductive. Most Hausas like this work and they do it with passion as all they need do is buy mini scissorses and oil to cut and polish nails. If any youth in Nigeria is Jobless, he/she can involve in this work to earn a living.

7. Hawking

As shops and stalls are available for provisions and other market products, one can still hawk these products from house to house and earn better money as distance can limit shop patronage.


The National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) is responsible for registration of commercial cars and loading of passengers. As a jobless youth, you can engaged yourself in the work and earn.

9. Car washer.

Washing of cars and other machines can earn anyone money as a car washed can cost about 500 - 1000naira. Some people do it at a location while other hustlers go to the streets, hotels and other public places where they can see customers.

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