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10 things Nigeria does better than any other country

From electronic mail scams to petroleum spills and charlatan Pentecostal preachers, it is clean that Nigeria has something of picture hassle.

there are more to this country than its unsavory institutions

Traditional weddings

In Nigeria, if you've reached your 30th years and are still single, the elders will harass you down the aisle, which is why slightly per week goes via without someone staging a conventional weddings ceremony somewhere.

Weddings are a sacred a part of cultural life, but also an excuse to expose off cuisine, appropriate apparel, track and dance actions in a single liter maintaining.

With 250-peculiar ethnic businesses, the ceremonies are available a spread of patterns, relying on to your vicinity.

In the southwest, the groom and his friends might prostrate themselves at the start.

However, within the southeast you'll see them dancing their way into the ceremony, sporting bowler hats and clutching taking walks canes.

In other regions, the bride and groom's households send every different letters of concept and acceptance earlier than getting down to dowry negotiations.

Once the severe stuff is carried out, it's lower back to song and dancing and, nice of all, the tossing of banknotes in the air to make money actually rain down on the newlyweds.

If you have not experienced a conventional Nigerian wedding, you have not been to Nigeria.

Jollof rice

This mouthwatering tomato-based totally rice dish is a party staple.

There are many approaches to cook dinner it, related to endless diversification of meat, spices, chili, onions and greens.

While it's broadly standard that Senegal invented this dish, the idea spread to West African international locations.

The most notable are Ghana and Nigeria - two nations that have vied with one another for supremacy in a never-ending warfare known as the jollof wars.

Nigerians are the undeniable champions, of course, serving up “superior level” jollof that our Ghanaian rivals can watch and admire, come chop!

Eating chicken to the bone

While we're nonetheless as regards to food, Nigerians are champions at ingesting hen to the bone and beyond.

It's not sufficient to definitely devour the flesh. We wreck the bone, suck out the marrow and pulverize the rest until there is nearly not anything left.

If your bird thigh is still forensically identifiable on the end of the meal then you have not accomplished it proper. Abeg, end am!

Nollywood films

Only Hollywood and India's Bollywood make extra movies than Nigeria.

Known as Nollywood, our movie enterprise is massive commercial enterprise -- so massive it contributes five percent to national GDP.

With average flicks churned out in under a week, Nollywood movies are famous for their poor (albeit enhancing) manufacturing values.

But what they lack in sophistication they make up for in tale traces which might be an entertaining window on Nigerian moral values and Byzantine social dynamics.

Narratives exploring servants grasp relationships, the supernatural, corruption and infidelity are added with lashings of shouts, eyes bulging overacting.

The films draw a large target audience in the rest of Africa, in which visitors from greater reserved societies can revel vicariously in Nigeria's outlandishness or even pick up some of our slang.

Nigerian tender energy has in no way been extra durbar royal horse parade

Celebrated in a few northern cities, Durbar marks the end of Ramadan.

The annual Durbar competition is the cultural spotlight of Nigeria's Islamic north.

This visual extravaganza is widely known via lots of peoples, mainly from the Hausa-Fulani ethnic agencies, in multiple towns at the cease of Ramadan.

Followed by a parade that takes place inside the city of Kano at the Emir's Palace, it is end up a longstanding traveler enchantment.

The Emir's sons, noblemen, and regiments display their loyalty through trooping past on horses, accompanied by musicians.

Each royal household has its very own unique dress, made of billowing robes and turbans that glitter in each color underneath the solar.

Wearing black leathers based gloves, the princes enhance a “power” fist as they leap past the Emir.

Being polygamous, the Emirs have literally dozens of sons, and every certainly one of them takes part, from the middle-aged to the infants. Counting all of them is a part of the laugh.

Street celebrations in the northern town of Kano.


For all its political and monetary problems, Nigerians are by hook or by crook nevertheless a few of the maximum constructive and happy human beings, on this planet.

Opportunity doesn't come knocking -- we chase it, with the help of God, who all of us know is on our side.

The Lord may have rested at the seventh day of Earth's creation, but it is the ultimate day off he's enjoyed ever on the grounds that.

Nigerians call upon Him 24/7, praying and pumping fists and disturbing His favors.

Evidence of our positive spirit lies anywhere: It's within the billboards that promise “a divine upgrade,” or our hustling entrepreneurial spirit, or the crumbling roadside shacks grandly named, “Victory Plaza.” There's no room for despair when we see ourselves as “temporarily embarrassed millionaires” (to cite Steinbeck) at the parkway to heaven.

So next time a Nigerian tells you “I turn into the greatest through force!” remember the fact that they're not bragging.

Proverbial sense.

Proverbs is a huge a part of Nigerian subculture.

Nigerians love a good proverb, and we never stop inventing new ones.

Some aphorisms are blunt and to-the-factor. Others may be a little cryptic, so, you on occasion needs a high degree of “proverbial experience” to apprehend what they are getting at:

“Monkey no first-rate however I'm mama no like am [The monkey might be ugly, but his mother loves him].”

“If you cannot dance properly, you'd higher no longer stand up

The guy being carried does not recognize how far away the metropolis genuinely is

“The quarrel that challenge you are great to pay attention approximately

The whip hits on the legs, now not the guilt, “Until lions have their historians, tales of the quest shall always glorify the hunters.”

“The one-eyed guy does not thank God till he sees a blind man.”

“Rat wey get best one hollow, they short die [A rat with just one hole will soon die].”

After God, naa woman

“No license for nonsense [behave yourself].”

“No business, no wife.”

"Keke [motorized tricycle] today, private jet the following day!”


Masquerades are a huge thing of Nigerian culture.

These masked costumed figures are considered to embody the spirits, and function an essential a part of Nigerian precolonial religious tradition.

Nowadays they double up as enjoyment and seem at some point of weddings and fairs, particularly at Christmas time.

Nigeria has over 250 ethnic groups, every with its own masquerade. The masks and costumes are visually placing.

They can be crafted from an expansion of materials along with grass, animal horns and enamel, and the young men who put on them now and again cowl their limbs in black palm oil to captivating and horrifying effect.

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