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Here are the types of line we see on the road and their meaning

Many of us do go for a journey and we do see all the lines on the road but we don't actually know what it means and that may sometimes cause traffic violation. The road lines are imprinted ideally for reflective purpose so that you may clearly and safely follow the roads even at night.

Here are some lines and their meaning

Center lines : Broken lines are used in areas where there on overtaking, a solid line is painted alongside the broken line.

Zebra lines

These are used to indicate where pedestrians can cross the roads. You must stop for pedestrians (people) that have stepped on the lines to cross.

White lines painted on the pavement indicate that traffic is travelling in your direction.

Solid white lines: this line require you to stay within the lane you are.

Broken white lines

This means that you may change lane if it is safe for you to do so.

Yellow lines: this mark the center of a two -way road.

Broken yellow lines : this implies you may pass on a two -way road.

Solid and broken center yellow :

This implies that you must not pass if you are driving next to the solid lines.

Two - solid yellow lines :

This means that you can't pass at all, you must maintain the lane you are to avoid complications.

Hope this information was helpful?

i stand corrected in any of this.

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