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Why is My Du'a Delayed? One of the obstacles that we face that keep us from making du’an is this:

Why is My Dua Delayed?

One of the obstacles that we face that keep us from making du’a is this:

We often times feel, “I’ve been making du’a and my du’a is not being answered. Allah is not hearing my du’a, or Allah is not answering my du’a. I feel like it’s not working… And sometimes when I feel that way then I want to give up.”

But let me give a scenario so I can make this point. Imagine a person really badly want a red Ferrari and so what this person does because they want a red Ferrari, they know that Allah is the Hearer and Allah answers so what they do is they wake up every single day for tahajjud to pray for the Ferrari.

But you wake up every single day for a year for tahajjud and you cry to Allah to give you this thing.

Now let me ask you this question… at the end of that year, whether you got the Ferrari or not, you actually got something better and it was in the process of making the dua that you got that thing and what was it?

What’s that thing that you got that was better than the Ferrari?

It’s something you can’t buy with all the money in the world and that is the nearness to Allah.

The fact that the process of getting up for Tahajjud and crying, and begging Allah, praying and making du’a was in fact bringing you closer to Allah. And that nearness to Allah itself is more valuable than whether or not you got the answer to your dua.

The process itself is better than what it was you were asking for.

So Allah sometimes delays the answer to dua for this reason.

Now in this example, the first night that I woke up and I prayed for my Ferrari, imagine that I had gotten the Ferrari the first night I woke up the next day and outside of my house there was a Ferrari just sitting there, what would I have done? I would have stopped praying, I would have stopped getting up for tahajjud I’d have done it once, and that’s it.

So actually, by delaying the answer to my dua, it pushed me to do what? To continue to get closer to Allah through the process of that begging. Through that process, by the very fact that Allah delayed the answer.

Do we should never lose hope when the answer to our dua has been delayed.

There are innumerable benefits in making duas and supplicating to Almighty Allah (st), not only during testing times but also to show gratitude or seek protection when things are going smoothly.

There are many challenges in life, but our ultimate purpose in this world is to worship Allah (st) and work productively in doing good deeds with the hope of attaining Jannah. 

What better way to worship Allah than to trust in His decree and ask Him alone to fulfil our supplications? Our beloved Prophet (sa) said, “Dua is worship.” (at-Tirmidhi; sound)

Many of us underestimate the power of dua and fail to realise that by supplicating to Allah and putting our trust and faith in His decisions, we become closer to our Lord and one step closer to making a positive change in our lives with renewed hope.

Dua is said to be the weapon of the believer and has the power to avert a calamity.

The power of dua is unprecedented as the Prophet (S.A.W) said, “Nothing can avert the decree of Allah except supplication” (at-Tirmidhi; reliable). Following are the five benefits of duas.

1. The greatest benefit of dua is its fulfillment

As Muslims we know that ultimately we will receive whatever Allah has decreed for us. By putting our trust in the Almighty, our dua is most likely to become fulfilled and this is one of the greatest benefits of making dua; it gives us hope and strengthens the bond between the Almighty and ourselves.

If the dua is not fulfilled, it may be accepted later on in this life or in the Hereafter, or it may be that Allah knows what is best for us and what is not, which we may not be able to recognise ourselves.

2. Dua is a gateway to Allah’s mercy

Dua provides an opportunity to seek Allah’s mercy and forgiveness. We are all human and not immune to having sinned. If we seek reformation and ask Allah for forgiveness through dua we can hope to be forgiven for our sins and gain His mercy. The Messenger of Allah (sa) said, “I certainly ask Allah for forgiveness seventy times a day.” (at-Tirmidhi; sound)

3. Dua is powerful enough to change your Qadr (destiny) 

If you fear a calamity or make dua that Allah protects you from a misfortune, He may accept it. Such duas have the power to change your Qadr. One must remember that duas can change one’s destiny only in terms of minor aspects of life, such as protection from an enemy who may cause harm.

4. Dua keeps your heart humble 

Dua keeps arrogance away from our hearts and promotes humbleness. When we make dua, we feel the Almighty’s power and our reliance on Him, and we recognise our own powerlessness.

Some matters can only be solved by the Almighty, but our supplications and our efforts help us achieve our needs. Our daily supplications to Allah can refresh our hearts in remembrance of our Lord and make us aware that all sustenance, good and bad, comes from Him.

5. Dua results in blessings

Muslims are encouraged to make duas, and those who do so are rewarded by Allah. Our Prophet (sa) said, “Allah is extremely displeased with the person who doesn’t make dua to Him.” (at-Tirmidhi; sound) From this we can see that by making duas, we can gain Allah’s pleasure and His blessings.

Through dua we can seek His forgiveness, complete an act of worship, and strengthen our faith and our remembrance of the power of Allah. So go ahead, make dua today, and seek the benefits of this beautiful act of worship!

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