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Why Prophet Ayodele may be the star of year 2020,as one of his much anticipated prophecies come true

For those who know and follow Primate Ayodele of the INRI Evangelical Spiritual mission, would also know that he is no stranger to prophetic declarations. His prophetic declarations may not come out correct all the time, nonetheless he has had a good prophetic run this year.

Primate Ayodele.

In his Prophecy almanac for year 2020, he made a lot of revelations and a few of them have fortunately for him, come true.

He declared that Adams Oshiomole would be removed from his lofty office as the National APC Chairman. Same happened a few weeks back and to the vindication of false prophesy appellations from his naysayers.

Septic chamber being constructed by an artisan.

Also, he explained that a lot of Nigerian "big men" and politicians would fall ill due to some hidden sickness in their bodies. Well, not that that prophecy turned out to be exact, however, a handful of top political dogs have kicked the bucket due to something failing inside bodies. Something that is common with the ravaging effects of Covid19 which of course is known to be less merciful to the elderly.

The connecting pipe from the chamber leading outward.

The crown reason for this post is the ticking of the boxes of one his year 2020 prophecies.

Primate Ayodele disclosed that there would be a stove manufactured to aid both the poor and rich. Only yesterday, I discovered that a particular company had already started the sales of a gas-like stove that is powered by human faeces.

The lead technician explaining how the system works.

Yes you read me right!

The pipes leading to the stove are connected to the suck-away also known as septic tanks. From there the bio-combustion of human waste is converted to fuel.

The stove burning out bio-fuel in form of flames.

That's pretty much the narrative behind the technology according to what I could deduce from the other side of the phone.

And once again, this could be the game changer for Nigerian rural community and urban alike.

Primate Ayodele sure deserves to be listened to.

PS:- I called the company and it was confirmed that they truly offer this service. The authenticity of this findings, thus remains valid.

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