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What Would Be Your Reply? If You Are Asked To Choose Four Items When Stranded In A Desert.

The question is to stimulate your survival skills, the questions ask the four things out of the things in the picture, you are likely to choose when you are stranded on a deserted island.

The things in the picture are Tarp, Sunscreen, Toilet Paper, Pot, iPod, Hiking Boots, Hand Saw, Flare Gun, Inflatable Raft, Flashlight, Insect Repellent, Hammock, Compass, Mirror, Vitamins, Water Purifier, Fishing Rod, Rope, Hunting Rifle, 5 ounces of weed, First Aid Kit, Tent, Knife, Matches, and Volleyball.

For me, when stranded on an island, survival should be my main priority. My basic needs will be food and water, getting out of the desert, means of protection, lighting in the night. Thus, the top 4 items that will suit my purpose will be:

1.   Water Purifier to get clean water.

2.   Vitamins -- To keep me going for my stay in the desert.

3.   Matches -- To provide light for me in the night.

4.   Flare Gun -- To alert potential rescuer for future rescue.

See more replies in the screenshots below:

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Desert Insect Repellent Tarp Toilet Paper iPod


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