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Unexplainable Myth: The Story of An 11 Years Old Girl Who Survived For Four Days Floating On Sea

As crazy as it sound or look, the world is full of wonders and myths, the story of a young girl Terry Jo who survived a ship wreck when their family went for their usually trip.

It all started when her father and sibling with few friends all set on course for a short trip, well according story their sailing was a smooth one until the fifth day when heaven loose open and their was a terrible storm, little Jo was woken from her sleep from stamping and shout , confused she maybe.

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As the story have it she went up the boat to see what was happening to her utmost surprise her mother and brother whee covered with blood and she saw her father dad what is the matter, he slap her and ask her to went down the cabin , she ask again is the boat sinking, yes he replied, as God may have it she saw a life saving boat and used it to sail away not knowing her father faith .

She sail for four good days and night without food and water but the strangest thing his could she survived these ordeal alone, it is still a mystery to uncover, Well she was later rescue from navy patrol on duty and that was how she narrated all her ordeal.

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