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"Bandits Shot At An Airforce Jet & A Train, Yet Our Focus Is On Nnamdi Kanu" - Reno

Popular Nigerian Activist and former presidential aide, Reno Omokri has once again spoken. This time around, the outspoken Nigerian politician took to one of his social media pages and gave his own opinion regarding the recent activities of bandits in the Northern part of Nigeria; as well as the trials of Nnamdi Kanu.

  3 months ago ago


Fastest Speedsters ranked

Mach 3, Mach 4 Mach 5 the fastest Speedsters are in a constant battle for the title of the fastest man or woman alive. Never has there been such a multitude of Speedsters but you are in luck as you are about to find out the fastest Speedsters Ever 10 A-Train: if you have watched the TV series " The boys" you would know A-Train the secret to his speed is a serum called Compound V that is able to make him move at significant speeds. 9 Zoom: Hunter zolomon is number 9. Once a very powerful speedster in his prime,

  1 year ago ago
Fastest Speedsters ranked