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Three Confirmed Dead As Farmers And Fulani Herdsmen Clash In Jigawa
See what her father didn't buy for her that made a 14 year old girl hang herself in Jigawa(Photos)
SAD: Man From Jigawa Slits The Throat Of His Son To Death, See What Happened
Bandits strike again, kill two senior police officers and one other injured in Jigawa
Bad News in Nigeria this Morning Wednesday, 7/29/2020
Husband Stabs Wife To Death In Jigawa
Latest News In Nigeria This Afternoon Sunday (15/11/2020)
Father beheads biological son in Jigawa
See The Face Of The Man Who Stabbed His Wife To Death In Jigawa State (Photo)
Latest news in Nigeria today
Police arrests two ATM fraudsters in Jigawa
How a Pregnant Woman Was Arrested With Counterfeit Money in Jigawa
Gunmen kill two senior police officers in Jigawa state
Father Executes His Child In Jigawa State.
BREAKING NEWS: Hoodlums attack customs patrol vehicle in Jigawa, one dead and others injured
Father killed His 1 Year Old Son
Custom Officer Killed By Hoodlums In Jigawa State
Police Arrests 11 Men For Raping a 12 Year Old Girl in Jigawa State.
Police arrests 11 people for raping a Minor
11 arrested for raping a 12-year-old girl in Jigawa.