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I Slept with 10 Men as part of my Initiation process - A 19-yr-old
19 years old Blessing confessed that she slept with 10 men to complete her initiation process.
“I slept with 10 men as part of the initiation process”, Female suspect says.
19 Years Old Female Cultist Explains How 10 Men Slept with Her During Initiation In Benin
How a 19 Year Old Cultist Slept with 10 Men in Benin
This 19-Year Old Girl Confessed How She slept With 10 Men Before Joining A Cultist Group.
I Slept With 10 Men During Initiation Into Marine Girls Cult, Says 19 Year Old - Blessing David
2 reasons why this 19-year-old girl probably joined a cult group 10 years ago(Opinion)
I slept with 10 male cultists during initiation - Female cultist
Confession of a 19 years old cultist
I slept with ten men to complete my initiation process, Blessing confessed.