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ali nuhu polama


The History of Ali Nuhu Polama (Sarki Ali)

The History of Ali Nuhu Polama ( Sarki Ali) Ali Nuhu Polama was born on March 25TH , 1974 in Maiduguri of Borno State Nigeria. He is a Nigerian Nollywood and Kannywood director, producer and star. He also acts in both English and Hausa movies. He is popularly known as the Emir of Kannywood. The Hausa movies industry is called Kannywood, headquartered in Kano State, North West Nigeria. Ali Nuhu Polama has acted in more than five hundred (500) Kannywood and Nollywood movies and acquire many accolades. He is widely

  1 year ago ago
The History of Ali Nuhu Polama (Sarki Ali)