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attah akumabi


Kogi state: Brief History Of Attah Igala

As an igala person you need to know all this they are important to know 1. Atta Ayegba Om'Idoko The importance of Attah Ayegba Om Idoko in Igala history is that he won an independent kingdom. They were at one time vassals of the Aku Uka of Wukari. During his reign he declared the Igala ingdom an independent state, and defeated the Jukun force that was sent by the Aku Uka to discipline him. Attah Ayegba is the founder of the present Attah's ruling dynasty. 2. Atta Akumabi Ayegba (2nd Atta from Ayegba) Akumab

  2 years ago ago
Kogi state: Brief History Of Attah Igala