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beef lasagne


Home made Beef Lasagne ingredients

Ingredients for the Mince 1 whole Onion (Cut into rings for the crunchy tang) 1 Green pepper (Julienne Sliced) 3 Carrots (Julienne Sliced) Extra Virgin olive Oil (15 -25 ml) 2 Garlic Gloves (Finely Chopped) 4 Celery Sticks (Finely Chopped) Tomato Puree Black Pepper Worcester Sauce Pink Himalayan Salt 1 Bottle Of Dry Red Wine (750 ml) Beef Mince Slices of bacon (Optional) Dried Oregano 1 Spring Rosemary Ingredients for the Béchamel Sauce 1 Liter fresh Milk A pinch of freshly grated nutmeg A pinch of salt A

  2 years ago ago
Home made Beef Lasagne ingredients