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You Should be Grateful to God, See Beautiful Make-Up artist Without Hands Who Uses Leg to do Things
Meet The Lady With No Hands But Uses Her Legs To Cook, Eat And Make Up
Meet The Make Up Artist Without Hands, She Uses Her Legs For Everything
Meet Kashmiere, A Lady Born Without Hands But Does All Sort Of Things Including Driving and Cooking
Meet Kashimiere, The Lady Born With No Hands, Cooks, Drives And Applies Make Up With Her Legs
See The Lady That Was Born With No Hands But Uses Her Legs To Do Everything
God is Wonderful, This Girl Can Use Her Legs to Apply Makeup, Cook, Drive And do All Sort of Things
Photos: See the Lady born without both arms but cook, drives and make-up with her legs.
Meet The Beautiful Armless Makeup Artist
Meet Kashmiere Culberson, The Lady With No Hands Yet Does Everything With Her Feet
See Photos of The Girl Who Uses Her Legs to Cook, Braid Hair, Eat, Drive, And Even Apply Makeups
God is wonderful, This lady Can Use Her Legs to apply make-up, cook, drive And do All sort of things
AMAZING : This Black Girl Does Literally Everything, Plus Makeup Without Arms!