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kim jae joong


Korean Top 4 Millionaire Playboy

#1 Kim Jae - Joong($100,000,000)  Kim jae-joong (born in Gong ju chung cheongnam-do,in South Korea) is an actor and singer, he is widely recognized as a member of the Korean pop group "JYI"and was one of the original members of "boy band" . Kim jae-joong moved to Seoul as a teenager to audition for SM Entertainment. He has glammed movies like SPY, Man Hole and more. #2 Choi Siwon ($40,000,000) Choi Siwon is best known as a pop singer and model who has made apperance with the Boy band junior and Super junior-M,

  2 years ago ago
Korean Top 4 Millionaire Playboy